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About TagQuest

Identifying New Customers, Acquiring Them, and Keeping Them


TagQuest is a full service marketing firm developed throughout the ever changing world of business. Utilizing industry knowledge, marketing expertise, and ground breaking technology we research, implement, and track the results of any or all aspects of your marketing and advertising. Our client list includes start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Leading the industry with our experience in direct marketing, TagQuest is committed to helping companies overcome the many challenges associated with identifying, acquiring, and retaining new customers. 



Effective sales and marketing are acquired skills. TagQuest understands, and is dedicated to, the science of sales and marketing. We support our clients with a complete Customer Lifecycle approach. Our Customer Lifecycle approach is accomplished through a combination of consulting expertise and the latest state-of-the-art marketing and sales technologies. Our focus is providing proven marketing methods, products, and services to our clients that enhance efficiencies and increase return on investment. We do so with the highest level of integrity, backed by our long-standing track record of exceeding client expectations.


TagQuest is a leading provider of intelligent real-time marketing solutions. We believe that marketing is a science and our expertise in the areas of prospect identification, acquisition, and retention afford our clients the ability to focus on their own core-competencies.


TagQuest's products and services drive new customers into your business. Powerful web-based reporting capabilities allow increased control over marketing efforts, increased efficiencies and productivity, and gain control over quality lead tracking and sales approach. Driving the productivity of our marketing campaigns further, our services provide improved customer acquisition rates and new opportunities through superior concepts and tracking systems. Testing and measuring is in our blood. TagQuest is well positioned as a leader in new customer identification, acquisition, and retention. As a testament to our success, for the past ten years over 75% of our business is from repeat customers. And on a daily basis we strive to increase that number.



The methods, technology, and measurable results provided by TagQuest will identify new opportunities for consistant sustainable growth. What we call “Progressive Progress”.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Medford, OR. We also have offices in Seattle, WA. Currently we are in the process of opening offices nationwide to provide personal attention if and when it's needed. We have become the entire marketing arm of hundreds of companies saving valuable time and resources. 


To make marketing easy. We want be the one and only company you need to grow your business. We strive to offer every marketing product or service available and become the most complaint marketing firm in the nation.


We improve all areas of new customer identification, acquisition, and retention rates for our clients. We’ve mastered consumer data and maintained close relationships with credit reporting agencies to provide unparalleled consumer targeting. By developing the latest cutting edge technology and utilizing it in conjunction with traditional marketing methods, automation, and reporting systems we stay ahead of current market trends. We use a consultative sales approach to manage expectations and deliver consistent, measurable, and scalable results. 


We are passionate about marketing and are dedicated to achieving the growth goals of our clients. We are highly transparent and create synergistic win-win relationships with our clients. Together as our clients acquire and retain more customers, we too grow and develop a thriving organization. We enjoy working hard to exceed customer expectations and believe in the Under Promise and Over Deliver philosophy.   



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