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Google Slashes Ad Space Worldwide


On Friday, February 19, 2016, Google confirmed that it’s changing up how it shows text ads on desktop searches. Cutting text ads shown by more than 35%. 



How will this impact your advertising?

Removing all text ads from the right-hand side of the page on desktop searches and putting them only on the top and bottom of the search results will result in more traffic for top ad’s and more competition to get top placement.


What Does This Mean for Marketers?

Showing only 1-4 paid ads above naturally top ranked results will increase demand for those placements. The rest of the ads will appear at the bottom of the search engine results page. 


Why Change The Most Profitable Marketing Strategy in History?

A lot of speculations, but according to one of the first sources to break the story, it’s because “Google has determined the average click-through-rate for Right-Hand-Side Ads is poor” across all verticals. And “the expected CPC inflation from this major change is projected to more be profitable in the long run.” 


More Profitable For Who?

A fourth additional ad will be placed at the top for “highly commercial queries” (well-paid searches) such as hotels, car insurance and etc.

There are two exceptions to this rule: Google’s product listing ad (PLA) boxes and ads that show up in the knowledge panel. These will reportedly still show on the right.

It’s designed to be a triple win. For Google, for the advertisers, and for the consumers.  


What Are The Benefits?

More Relevant Results = More Traffic = More Conversions = More Profits for Google and Advertisers while also providing an improved shopping experience for buyers.

Less tricks available to “trick” your way to the top.

More credible results overall.  


What Problems Could We Be Facing?

Cost per click will almost certainly go up drastically.

Competing with large companies could be almost impossible. Unless you know how to get creative.  Quality Scores will now be a MAJOR factor with ad placement.



Google has been testing this concept for years (we’ve read they have been testing this concept as far back as 2010) in other countries around the world. It’s shown to work better for both consumers and advertisers by eliminating the advertiser's ability to sneak up to the top and delivering more relevant results for buyers consistently.


Read all about the Google changes: Here



"Confirmed: Google To Stop Showing Ads on Right Side of Desktop Search Results Worldwideappeared first on Search Engine Land


"The Media ImageGoogle To Remove Right Hand Side Ads On Desktop?"






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Home Equity Lending on the Upswing

As home prices began their long slide, banks pulled the plug on home-equity lending. Homeowners who had already snagged home-equity lines of credit lost out, too, as many received notice that their lines of credit had been frozen. Home-equity loan originations are still 80% below their peak, according to a recent report from Moody's Analytics and Equifax. But as the housing market emerges from the doldrums, home-equity borrowing is beginning to perk up, too.

Read the whole article here




Mortgage Refi Boom is Expected

to Benefit Banks

As the government expands its support of the housing market, analysts expect that mortgage profits at banks will rise in third-quarter earnings reports and will continue well into next year.
Click here to read the full Deal Book article.



A Drop in Unemployment may Cause a Rise Mortgage interest Rates


September U.S. unemployment rates dropped over 1 percent from the month before and over 100,000 jobs were added, this will likely increase the mortgage interest rates.
Read more here



New credit scoring system aims to benefit
consumers for mortgage lending

The nation’s leading credit scoring company FICO has created a new credit scoring system aimed specifically for mortgage lenders with the goal to attract more qualified home loan consumers. The new system creates a more complete credit evaluation of a consumer’s risk file to help lenders better manage risk.  By combining traditional credit data along with property transactions, borrower data, landlord/tenant reports and other credit information, the idea is that the new scoring will help more people qualify for home loans. The upside?  A lender may be pleased that a marginal borrower is keeping up with common life occurrences such as child alimony or spousal support.  And of course, previous monthly on-time payments on your rent/mortgage is a positive in the eyes of a lender.Banks still tend to be interested only in the traditional indicators of the credit report.It’s not for certain yet whether this new scoring system is to qualify more people for mortgages or simply another tool to pick apart one’s credit history.  With a more predictive future based on the consumer’s credit history, the average Joe with a marginal score of 680 was able to bump it up slightly.  In some cases it went much higher, thereby qualifying the consumer for a lower interest rate or even a mortgage at all. Currently, the average FICO score loan in the second quarter was 757.  Just under 10% of this population would score even higher with the new system.  Roughly 3% of borrowers would score above 714.  With this new information, a positive is the result as negative credit information is absent.This is not yet approved by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.  About 25 lenders use this new scoring system for approving private lending and for their own use.  It is predicted there will be widespread use of this product in the coming months.


Cross-examining the USPS POStPlan

Jeffrey Day, the USPS Manager of Retail Operations, testified before the Postal Regulatory Commission last week. Day was the only witness for the Post Office Structure Plan, he was there to be cross-examined about the details in the plan to reduce hours at 13,000 post offices.

Read all about the POStPlan and Jeffrey Day's testimony here



Promoted Posts, Marketing on Facebook

Recently, Facebook launched a new feature called promoted posts for pages that have 400 or more likes. With this feature you can take a post and promote it to everyone who has liked your page. Normally, your post will only show on a fraction of the feeds of who've liked your page. Overall, promoting your post can be a great way to market.

For more information, follow this link.



FHA's Mortgage Delinquencies are on the Rise

Stress is being put on the mortgage market by loans that are insured by FHA. The rest of the mortgage market is finally stabilizing, except for the Federal Housing Administration who's mortgage delinquencies are up 26.6% We can help mortgage professionals move away from FHA.

Click here to learn more.


HARP 3.0 is Gaining Traction!

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) is rumored to expand once again! HARP 2 was designed to remove financial hurdles. The HARP 3 program, also known as #MyRefi, is said to have all the same requirement as HARP 2, excluding the requirement of being backed by Fannie Mar or Freddie Mac. Millions of homeowners in the U.S. woul meet the eligibility standards, opening a door to today's low mortgage rates for all of them!

Click here for a detailed look at the #MyRefi program. 



Sales are up on new Autos!

 Unexpected lowered gas prices, along with a surge of interest in the new car models have caused sales to exceed expectations for this year. Low interest rates, promotions and price incentives are all encouraging buyers to purchase new vehicles. The annual sales rate in the United States has increased 22 percent and is now on course to have its best year since 2007!!! Auto sales are an early sign of consumer spending and have been one of the bright spots in the economy for much of the year.

Below is a link to Reuters with much statistics:
June auto sales 


The HARP program is here!

This means more refinancing power for your customers! Here is a link that can explain more: 


TagQuest has specific programs targeting people that qualify for the HARP. Whether you prefer to make outbound calls or prefer your phone ringing with inquisitive, qualified buyers. Let TagQuest be your guide through this game changing program!
Since not all of your prospects are going to qualify for HARP we've been testing (and just proved) several campaigns that works for ALL conventional refi candidates. Let us show you how to strike while irons hot. Call one of our seasoned professionals today to get started!


Finding and attracting good customers isn't easy...

In fact, at times it seems to be a business owner nemesis. There are a few things one MUST consider before setting out to accomplish this task. 

First, you have to be willing to pay for good customers. To find out how much, do the math... Total dollars spent with your company, subtract the cost of goods sold. Subtract your desired profit margin, what you should have left is a reasonable amount you could spend to acquire a new customer!

Second, take a look at your sales approach. Do you hard sell people your product or do you wait for them to ask you how they buy it? If you’re a salesperson, you'll be able to keep your acquisition cost's low. If not, well then you’re just going to have to come to terms with spending more money to get someone else to do it for you. Maybe it's the marketing piece. Maybe you'll have to hire sales people. Either way, it's more cost effective to do the work yourself. 

Now that you know where you stand you can start asking around about what marketing programs fit within your acquisition cost. You’ll find that the conversations are a lot different than you’re used to. You’ll have shorter conversations with vendors that will prove quickly to be much more efficient. You'll be able to rule out certain types of marketing and advertising because they are out of your realm. Better to know up front than after you've spent a bunch of your hard earned money. 

Once you find the right program. Test it a few times on a small level. Don’t blow your whole marketing budget on a trial. Test, test, and re-test. Once you prove it's profitable, well NOW go blow your budget on it. In fact, you might want to consider getting another credit card because you’re going to earn a lot more money than you'll pay in interest. 

Bottom line: you pay $XXX per customer and you need XXX number of customers per month. Now you know your budget and you can finally, truly, plan for your marketing and feel good about the future of your organization.

Good luck!


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