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Political Services, Marketing, and Campaigning


TagQuest specializes in creating, deploying and managing political marketing and political advertising communications that win elections. This includes researching voters, targeting voters and voter demographic data, designing and implementing full communications strategies, telephone services, fundraising, and budget allocation. The percentage of the budget in most political marketing campaigns that is misspent is too high. Commercials are placed at the wrong time and on the wrong station and do not reach their intended party affiliated audience. All too often political marketing campaigns hurt themselves by picking their own time buys or by using local agencies that do not understand the special research and logistical needs of a political marketing campaign strategy. If you’re going to spend campaign dollars you need to reach the right audience.
TagQuest is a full-service marketing firm specializing in voter demographic research based on age, location, party affiliation, income, etc. and the execution of deadline-oriented media campaigns to target your party and raise awareness about your campaign. Whether you prefer a grassroots approach or not, we can help you plan, deploy, and track all of your political marketing campaigns. For us, it is a standard operating procedure. We are the experts and a leading provider of voter information for political marketing campaigns to consultants, political factions, and pollsters. Providing quality voter information that is current, accurate, and guaranteed. We combine all the services necessary to run a comprehensive, effective, campaign winning strategy. Call us today.


Political Services we provide include but are not limited to:

- Grass Roots Planning - From start to finish you need to know where to find your voters, how best to get in front of them, and what message to convey. Here are some of the techniques we've help our clients establish. 

§  Fundraising

§  Online surveys and social networking to organize virtual communities

§  Hosting house meetings or parties

§  Putting up posters or flyers

§  Talking with pedestrians on the street or walking door-to-door 

§  Letter-Printing, Telemarketing, Emailing marketing

§  Fundraising

§  Online surveys

§  Social networking 

 - Online Marketing to your voters to ensure the highest voter registration and best turnout possible at the poles. Our online campaigns include:

§  Pay Per Click (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

§  Social Media

§  Email Marketing

§  Search and Display network marketing

- Telephone Services: Use our telephone services for finding volunteers, making outbound calls to voters, or raising awareness of your campaign. Offering both political campaign management and marketing, our telephone services will get on track to a winning campaign. The list of our services includes:

§  Call Center Rental: both inbound and outbound

§  Pre-Recorded Message Delivery

§  Dialer Rental



- Fundraising: when it comes to fundraising you must get in front of the right people. TagQuest offers world-class data for targeting the right people to help in your fight. The Political Data Services we offer include the list below and are also offered in conjunction with any of our other marketing services across the board:


§  Consumer: age, income, location, property owner, the presence of children, party affiliation

§  B2B: yearly sales volume, years in business, number of employee’s, owner contact info

§  Special Interest: knowing peoples hobbies will allow you to build more credibility. 



  • Other data lists include
  • Mortgage: owner-occupied, purchase price, loan amount, monthly payment
  • Auto: loan date, loan amount, loan, terms, year make model of current vehicle
  • Debt settlement/consolidation: find people that are currently looking for or qualify for assistance programs
  • Tax: target consumers who currently have back unpaid taxes
  • Bankruptcy: target consumers who have gone through bankruptcy by file or discharge date



 Once you put all these political marketing services together for your campaign trail you'll a much higher voter turnout and higher registrations than ever before. Political Marketing and Political Campaigning are very specific in there approach and we have the experience you'll need on the campaign trail. 

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