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Social Media Plugin


Social Media Plugin: by TagQuest Inc.


TagQuest has expanded our Consumer Insights program online and we're proud to introduce to you our all new ground breaking Social Media Plugin. The most revolutionary online marketing and advertising system to ever enter the SEM, PPC, adwords, SEO, social media, and all online marketing verticles. Unlock the untapped potential of your social media marketing with our all new Social Media Plugin!

This revolutionary online marketing system gives you the ability to target your past and prospective clients on their favorite social media websites with your ad campaigns! Send specific ads to your past clients and produce up to 6 times the ROI of traditional online marketing and advertising. And we didn’t stop there. You can also take current lists you are marketing to and serve them ads online. Creating a multi-channel campaign that’s both online advertising and off line, traditional, direct marketing! Target your usual demographic wether it's credit based for financial institutions or more specific special interests like hobbie, hunters, sporting, favorite vacation destination, credit rating, length of homeownership, etc. and get your message delivered to the social media pages of those exact people!

With TagQuest’s new Social Media Plugin you will be able to brand your company by serving your custom audiences with ads in the one place they spend the most time… Social Media Website’s. People spend more time on social media sites everyday than anywhere else online. You need to be there beside your clients, prospects, and leads. Keeping your company, your message, and your products/services in front of your most responsive audiences. And producing better client retention rates, more referrals, and higher ROI than ever before.


The Most Revolutionary Online Marketing System Is Here:


Traditional social media marketing and advertising works by getting your clients to follow you. This process of producing “followers” is costly and time consuming. With our new Social Media Plugin YOU can follow THEM and reverse the process. Now you have the ability to truly take control of your social media marketing.

This revolutionary system allows you to target these audiences or suppress them out of your online ad campaigns. You choose the media that they see. You choose how often. And you choose how much you want to spend. The most customized online marketing/advertising campaign to ever hit the internet, and it’s here for all industries. If your business has customers, Social Media Plugin will help you acquire more new clients and repeat business than ever before. TagQuest’s all new Social Media Plugin allows you to target new prospects by relevant criteria just as you would for your other direct marketing campaigns like direct mail or telemarketing lists.  An all new multi-channel marketing campaign that will put your message in prospects homes with direct mail piece and telemarketing campaigns AND in front of them on their favorite social media websites. Social Media has been proven to be an effective means of acquiring new clients and branding your company. Combine it with your current marketing efforts and you’ll produce higher response rates and better marketing results than ever before. 




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