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Purchase Leads

Pre-Screened Purchase Leads.


With TagQuest’s online lead generation tools and our relationships with all three credit agencies, we’ve acquired the ability to target prospects by their Pre-Screened Credit Criteria and monitor them for when they enter specific markets like Mortgage, Auto, Real Estate, and many others to become an interested purchase lead. Choose specific lead criteria that you want to target like credit score, income range, the presence of open trade lines, delinquencies, and many others. We take this information and monitor people in your geography that match and notify you when they enter your market as a purchase lead.

The best quality purchase leads, pre-screened to your own specifications, and in the market to buy right NOW for Automotive, Mortgage, Real Estate, and many other industries. High close ratio purchase leads that are in the market now and delivered to you exclusively by TagQuest.

If you aren't familiar with calling on leads yourself, let us take the hard work out of it. We will call through the leads, verify the qualifications, the interest, and pass the call to you as Exclusive Live Transfer Leads.  These leads couldn’t get any more qualified, will never be more interested in buying, and will never have a higher close ratio’s than they do right now. Get the edge on your competition and start growing your business faster than you’ve ever done before with TagQuest’s Pre-Screened Purchase Leads.





Mortgage and Real Estate Purchase Leads:  

Pre-Screen your prospects for the following criteria


  • Credit Score
  • Income
  • Delinquencies
  • Loan Amounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures



Auto Purchase Leads:

Pre-Screen Your Prospects by the following criteria


  • Auto adjusted credit score or “Beacon Score”
  • Income
  • Months remaining on current loan or lease
  • Bankruptcies





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