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 Live Transfer Leads - Pay Per Call!


TagQuest has upgraded our Live Transfer Lead Program. Now you can pay per call. Get an exclusive, quality guaranteed, live transfer lead for your growing business. Mortgage, Auto, Insurance, Bankruptcy, and Debt, are just a few of the industries we provide live transfer leads for. Take the fear out of marketing and let TagQuest deliver the most interested, qualified, lead you’ve had the pleasure to work with in years. On the phone NOW waiting to talk to YOU!


We use a proprietary blend of lead sources for our call center to dial out and pre-qualify these prospects for you. We make sure they are interested, qualified and want to talk to you. Then we transfer them over to you live. TagQuest provides exclusive live transfer leads 24-7 to match any lead generation model you have.


TagQuest’s exclusive live transfer lead program takes people who are already interested and dials out to them through our professional call center. We make sure that we’re talking to a lead that’s qualified to your specifications and wants more information on the products and services you offer. Then we transfer the call to you. It’s that simple. No more worrying about the quantity, or the quality of your live transfer lead marketing campaign. TagQuest produces hot transfers for several industries and we’ve been doing it successfully for years. Take a look at our testimonials page to see what other clients say about us.


We offer live transfer leads on a per call basis so you can appropriately plan your budget weekly, monthly, and ultimately indefinitely. Whether you’re a mortgage broker or banker, automotive dealership, insurance agent or broker, a bankruptcy attorney, debt specialist, or one of several other financial industry professionals, when you know what you pay per call you receive you’ll be able to use that against your close ratio to find exactly what each new customer costs. Once you’ve gotten to a profitable acquisition cost, turn up the volume on our lead generation. Finally, you can grow as slow or as fast as you’d like.


Mortgage Brokers and Bankers -  Pay Per Call! Nationwide - All 50 States

We offer mortgage live transfer leads for purchase, refinance, and reverse. 

HARP Live Transfer Leads

FHA Live Transfer Leads

VA live Transfer Leads

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer Leads 


Insurance companies - Pay Per Call! Nationwide - All 50 States

We separate personal, commercial, auto, home, life, etc. so you’re only getting leads transferred when they are the right prospect for the type of insurance you offer.


Auto Dealers - Pay Per Call! 

Choose from new or used and have peace of mind that we confirm income is verifiable before we transfer the call live to you.

Debt Settlement-Management-Consolidation - Pay Per Call! Nationwide - All 50 States

Debt Settlement Live Transfers, Debt Management Live Transfers, Debt Consolidation Live Transfers

Minimum debt loads, no bankruptcies, Verifiable Hardship Available


Bankruptcy - Pay Per Call! Nationwide - All 50 States

Bankruptcy Live Transfers 

Verified Revolving Debt Amounts, Residency Length, Reason for Considering Bankruptcy, 


 Cash Advance - Pay Per Call! Nationwide - All 50 States

Cash Advance Live Transfers

Minimum credit card sales amounts, business open more than one year, no prior judgments 



Time Share - Pay Per Call

Time Share Live Transfers

Resort Name, Fee Structure, Geoagraphy, Opt-Out

Loan Modification - Short Sale - Pay Per Call!

Loan Modification Live Transfers, Short-Sale Live Transfers

Minimum loan amounts, no equity, LTV filters


Credit Repair live transfers are also available - Pay Per Call!

Exclusive Credit Repair Live Transfers



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