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Exclusive Internet Leads

Exclusive Internet Leads

TagQuest is pleased to announce the return of our Exclusive Internet Leads for mortgage, auto, debt, insurance, and financing. Unlike other internet lead sellers TagQuest only re-sells our internet leads if you ask us to. With our exclusive internet lead program you have the option of buying exclusive internet leads or buying shared internet leads. We even have lead delivery options of real time, batch, or aged. At TagQuest you only compete with others on internet leads if you want to.

 Internet leads are compiled from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), and Banner ads. An Internet Lead is created when a consumer goes online and requests to be contacted by a company in search of their product or service. Internet leads can be bought in real time or aged and exclusive to Simi-Exclusive and shared. A potential customer goes on line looking for a product or service. Then they put their contact information into a website. The information is then gathered, qualified, and delivered to you an internet lead. The leading companies also use a lead exchange to match lead buyers with lead sellers. TagQuest utilizes the power of these lead exchanges to provide you an exclusive internet lead. Exclusive Internet Leads are available for all sorts of industries. Here are just a few…

Mortgage |Auto | Loan Modification | Debt Consolidation

Bankruptcy | Insurance | Financing

Exclusive Internet Lead Information Example: (Here's what you get when you recieve the lead)



Email address

Current credit rating (Excellent, Good, Poor)

current loan balance

home value

phone number

% left to pay on auto loan

best time to be contacted

and many more...

Once they submit the info you will receive an email with the lead information. If you sign up for our exclusive internet leads the prospect will get your contact info after they click the submit button no matter what website they are on. You can also opt to have your Exclusive Internet Leads automatically uploaded in to your CRM.

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