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Guaranteed Direct Mail

 Guaranteed Direct Mail

Take the fear out of direct mail….

Pay per call and know your true lead cost every time.


We’ve finally found a way to bring back our tried and true pay per call guaranteed direct mail campaigns! After years without them, TagQuest is pleased to announce that we are putting Per Call Direct Mail Leads back in service!

Here’s how guaranteed direct mail works,

When you normally order a direct mail campaign for a mortgage, HARP, conventional, FHA, VA, or debt consolidation/settlement you need to discuss a lot of averages (response rates, close ratio’s. etc.) to try and calculate how many calls you’re actually going to get. “Let’s simplify this,” we said. We send out direct mail for the type of lead that you're looking for. One that qualifies for your services.


You tell us how many calls you need and we’ll do all the rest! We take care of everything. Really. And we even take the inbound calls through our AMERICAN call center to verify the customer is interested so you’re not wasting valuable time. With our GUARANTEED direct mail per call campaigns you get all of the following:

Data – Filtered specifically for your industry, loan type, and product. YOUR LEADS YOUR WAY 

Mail print 

Mail production


Inbound call center to screen calls and verify interest before transferring the lead to you...



A qualified, interested lead that’s on the phone and ready to hear what you have to offer.

Because of the nature of this type of marketing, there are limited calls available. Call now to reserve your own guaranteed direct mail calls!



Debt Consolidation/Management


Reverse Mortgage


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