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Professional Recruiting


Professional Recruiting


What's the best way to hire professionals that are already successful without wasting valuable time and resources? By using TagQuest’s EZ Hiring Program for Professional Recruiting. 

Let's face it. Hiring professionals today isn't easy, especially if you’re in a high sales driven environment like Mortgage, Auto, Finance, Banking, Debt Consolidation, or any other industry really. TagQuest offers Email Marketing solutions to target people who are already successful in their business and get them interested in your business. 

How we do it: It starts with our premium business data services that allow you to target literally any industry. Now you can target professionals by the industry they already work in. For example, you have a mortgage company that’s growing rapidly and you need loan officers to help keep up with the business. You don’t have time to go through hours of interviews with people who know nothing about the mortgage industry. You want professional people who are already successful at it. Let TagQuest’s Email Marketing work for you.

First, find the professionals you need: Target any industry or a combination of multiple industries using the best, most up to date data available.

Then, Get your message in front of them: You know your business better than anyone else. Customize your own message to ensure a quality response rate. Utilize split testing and fine tune your message over time to increase your results. We can send messages, pictures, HTML, or text. You give us the message and we’ll send it through our EZ Send Email Portal.

Finally, Follow Through and Tracking: Repetition is the key to hiring professionals with email marketing. TagQuest’s EZ Send Email Marketing Portal allows you to program how many times you want your message sent and when. Send it once, send it twice, or send a hundred times! Once the system is programmed, you can relax, knowing that your messages are being sent at the exact time you specified. And now that your messages are sending, it would be nice to see what’s happening to them right? With our EZ Send Email Portal you will be able to see open rates, click through rates and dates and times of all deployments.

Now YOU can control the speed at which your company grows. Don’t let hiring professionals stand in your way any longer. Call today to get signed up with your TagQuest EZ Send Email Portal and start hiring Professional today!

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