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Direct Mail Marketing Facts you NEED to know:


  • Direct mail can still respond 1% - 2% and more!
  • 72% of adults said they have replied to direct mail pieces that contained a "buy one, get one free" offer.
  •   57% of women age 35-64 want companies to follow up with direct mail pieces that are personalized for their needs. 
  • 38% of men age 35-49 prefer generic direct mail pieces when they've indicated interest. 
  • 85% of women age 25-44 read direct mail pieces. 
  • 21% is ineffective 
  • 57% is somewhat effective 
  • 22% is VERY effective


The bottom line is this: Direct Mail Marketing works!

Considering the fierce competitiveness of today's market, it is more important than ever to have a direct mail marketing campaign that works. After all, there are many direct mail campaigns out there likely to cost you a fortune...only to end up in the trash and leave you penniless. Your direct mail marketing campaign not only needs to be effective and sophisticated but also needs to utilize a strategy to increase sales and profitability.


Tested & Tailored

Tag Quest Marketing is your complete source for cutting edge, proven, direct mail marketing techniques that work. Our clients are continually mailing millions of direct mail pieces to help us test what works all over the country every day. As a result, the direct mail marketing campaigns we deploy provide impact and are effective in generating the response you want. We also provide hundreds of direct mailing lists to customize the audience that receives your direct mail marketing piece. From postcards to full letters TagQuest will include your company's information, the exact offer you are promoting, and all information that is tailored and relevant to your target prospects ultimately making your direct marketing outperform the competition!

 Some TagQuest Benefits

For your convenience, all marketing materials can be designed and sent out within 24 hours instead of the typical 5-10 day turnaround time.

Online Direct Mail Job Upload, Proofing, and Tracking. Everything you expect from a print company available 24/7 at our Online Direct Mail Portal. 

Our full-service direct mail marketing facility will make it ultra easy for you to have all your direct mail marketing needs fulfilled in just one place.

Let TagQuest be your direct mail marketing agency allowing you to focus on what you should be focusing on - managing your business and gaining more customers!

PURL: Personal URL

You can now add a Personal URL (PURL) to your direct mail marketing to give consumers yet another way to respond to your campaign. PURL's have shown to increase effectiveness over 1% when done correctly. Use a PURL to on your direct mail marketing piece to get responses from consumers who otherwise wouldn't have responded at all. A PURL gives someone a chance to safely and securely respond to your direct mail marketing from the comfort of their own home. 


TagQuest uses state of the art solutions to provide tracking for all your Direct Mail Marketing campaigns. All calls are tracked, recorded, and saved. This allows pinpointing accuracy in tracking the results of your direct mail campaign. We also have our own proprietary Leads Tracking System that allows for tracking leads produced from our Direct Mail Marketing campaigns. Because we believe that your success is our success, we offer this solution to you Free for 30 days. Try it here.  



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