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Student Loan Data

Student Loan Consolidation Data Lists


Nearly 2 million students graduate each year and face the fact that they are going to have to start paying off all those student loans they took out to get through school. 7.4% of all student loans are delinquent with an average delinquency amount of $16,700.00. Accessing these college loan records for consolidation purposes can be tough but necessary in order to get in contact with students and recent graduates that need your help to refinance or consolidate their student loans. TagQuest offers the best student loan data available in the country.

Select from the following categories:


Student Loans


Parent Loans

Private Student Loans

Consolidation Loans

Peer to Peer Education Loans


Federally Guaranteed Student Loans

Negative Amortization


 Historical Debt at Graduation

Federal Student Aid


Student Loans


Direct Loan Program



Title IV Programs

Federal Family Education Loan Program



Financial Aid


Student Financial Assistance

Let TagQuest get you the student loan data and college loan records that you need. We offer mailing services, telemarketing services, emails marketing, and more in addition to these data files. TagQuest can put together the best, most responsive, and highest response campaigns available targeting college students and recent graduates.

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