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Pre Mover

Pre Mover File


Use TagQuest's Pre Mover data file to target consumer services, utilities, new home buyers, second home buyers, for  sale by owners, vacation home buyers and sellers, timeshare buyers/sellers, and more. Our Pre-Mover data is compiled from many different sources such as For Sale by Owner Listings, Newspaper Listings, online listings, website searches, and historical consumer trend analysis. The data is updated weekly with a complete file update once per month. 


Suggested Offers:

Real Estate, Financial Services, Home Interiors, Landscaping, Home Services (Cable, Dish, Internet, ECT…), Electronic Services, Moving Companies,

Health Services, Maintenance Services, Realty Services.


Basic Selects

Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number Where Available, Date First Appeared, Date Home Listed For Sale, and 1-10 scale of how interested they are. 


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