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Voice Broadcasting Leads

Tag Quest Voice Broadcasting

How would you like being able to control your mortgage leads with the simple push of a button?

Well, take a test drive of the new Tag Quest "Voice Broadcast" program. With the program, you will pay less than $20 per actual phone call you receive. Not only that, but you will also have the ability to control just how fast you want to receive those calls from your own computer. Having a slow afternoon? Just log in and turn up the calls and within minutes you will receive several calls from interested refinance or new mortgage customers.

Like What You're Reading? Here's how it works:

As a mortgage broker or mortgage company, you choose attributes such as geography, LTV, credit, loan balance, etc. that you want to market to. You will then record a message of up to 30 seconds long. At the end of the message, it allows the customer to Press 1 to speak to you, or Press 2 to be taken off the call list and to stop receiving calls.

What's greatest about this program is that the dialer screens hundreds of calls at no additional charge to get you an interested - and qualified - buyer. You are only charged when someone presses 1.

It's a fact - Tag Quest Marketing clients are successfully CLOSING 3 to 7% of these live transfers and most are getting 12 to 13 applications per 100 incoming calls. How awesome is that?

Massive List Databases:

Tag Quest Marketing boasts over 200 million residential records and 30 million business records. We can target your residential campaigns by state (maximum 3 states per broadcast), and by telephone area code (example: 305,954, 561).

Business lists can be targeted nationwide by industry type or SIC code.

DNC Compliant:

Tag Quest rigorously adheres to national and local "Do Not Call" regulatory provisions including the scrubbing of list databases against national Do Not Call registries in the U.S. and elsewhere. Exceptions to these regulations include political campaigns, calling existing customers/members and dialing individuals who have opted-in (at an organization or company's website) to receive information from them and (if applicable) their affiliates.

Account Management:

Get your Private, Personal, Real Time, Password-Protected Account so you to Manage your Campaign, Get Reports and more...

  • Enable or Disable Campaign
    Start and stop your campaign anytime
  • Run Statistics Report
  • Receive detailed reporting for statistical analysis
  • Change Outbound Call Volume
  • Control the volume of inbound calls you receive
  • Change "Transfer To" Phone Number
    This is the phone number to where your call-transfers are received
  • Change Caller ID for Outgoing Calls
    Change the ten-digit number that will appear on the thousands of telephones when our system is commencing outgoing calls
  • Change Simultaneous Incoming Calls
    This tool will allow you to throttle call-transfer volume so you do not receive more calls than your office can handle
  • Free Call Recording
    At no additional cost, we will record all transferred calls to you so you can audit your sales staff and ensure sales agents are doing their job effectively. This quality assurance program allows you to play back all the calls you received on any particular date by downloading your calls in MP3 format
  • Change Broadcast Hours
    Schedule a time when you want to receive your calls for the week
  • Realtime Tel-Net Technology
    This system will give you detailed caller information on every call transfer (if available). The moment your phone begins to ring, your computer screen will display the phone number called as well as all the various names and addresses registered to that phone number

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