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Exclusive & Qualified

The 3 Biggest Problems You'll Experience when Buying Leads & how Tag Quest's Live Transfer Leads Overcome them All...


1. You spend hard-earned money on purchasing mortgage leads only to find out you are then unable to get in touch with the so called "borrowers..."

Thanks to the Federal "Do Not Call List", and the increase of federal and state information regulations, more than 35% of mortgage leads sell with invalid phone numbers. Not to mention these ratios are only getting worse. And the mortgage leads that you buy with the right phone numbers are to people who just never seem to be available.

With Tag Quest Marketing's exclusive live Transfer system, our mortgage leads will call you.


2. You purchase so-called "Exclusive Leads" and you are competing with other loan officers...

Unlike many other mortgage marketing companies out there, our mortgage leads are exclusive to our clients. In other words, any and all mortgage leads are sold to you, and you only.

For example, when we run a mortgage telemarketing campaign, we typically find that the borrowers we do business with were not even considering refinancing before we contacted them.

What does this mean for you? You will get these exact kind of customers at the very beginning of their buying cycle, and you will have weeks to build rapport before they even consider price shopping.

With other mortgage companies, any exclusive Internet lead you obtain means you are competing among 4 to 15 other loan officers for this same customer.

When Taq Quest Marketing says exclusive, we mean exclusive.


3. You finally get in touch with the "borrower" only to find that they wouldn't even qualify to purchase a Pinto, let alone a new home loan...

Perhaps the biggest time waster for a mortgage broker's lending career is dealing with unqualified borrowers. Tag Quest Marketing's job as an exclusive mortgage lead company is not only to get you interested borrowers. We take our job one step further and insure that every interested borrower that we send your way is also qualified.

How are we able to do this? We run a soft inquiry into their credit report, with minimum qualifications that are set by you. Through our expertise and commitment to excellence, we make sure that all of your qualifications are met.

Transform Your Telephone into a License to Print Money...

With these Live Transfer Mortgage Leads, your bank balance will be the best it has ever looked.  Money will flow through your phone line and into your deposit book.

Make the smartest call you've ever made - and call Tag Quest Marketing today!

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