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Mortgage Insights

"No Customer Left Behind"

There is nothing worse than finding out that one of your good customers just got a mortgage loan through one of your competitors.

Don’t let that happen to you!

          TagQuest Mortgage Insights keeps you informed when your good customers are applying for a mortgage loan. Our relationships with the three National Credit Bureaus allow us to receive a live feed of every consumer who has had their credit checked for a mortgage loan within the last 24 hours. We scrub this list of daily mortgage credit reports against your current and past customer database. When we find a match we inform you immediately. This will give you an opportunity to get in touch with your customers before they make the mistake of getting a mortgage through one of your competitors.

Mortgage Insights is the only way that you can be notified when your past clients and prospects have had a “life even”. Sometimes referred to as a “trigger” or “trigger lead” Mortgage Insights will notify you when to follow up with your past clients by giving you key insight into their life events. Not only will you be notified when they have their credit pulled, you can also now be notified BEFORE they get that far into the process! How would you like to be able to call your clients when they purchase a new home to congratulate them? Better yet, how would like the opportunity to make that call before they have found the home they seek?? Mortgage Insights can notify you before, during, and after your clients have entered the mortgage market.


Client Retention


Client retention is the newest trend sweeping the industry. Finding new ways to stay in touch with past clients is more important today than ever. Your biggest profit center is your past client network and the referrals they produce. Gain key insights into their lives and know when they enter the market. This bold new marketing system is re-defining terms like a follow-up, customer loyalty, market analysis, and increasing client retention to rates to NEW RECORD HIGHS in the mortgage industry.


Find out when your clients enter the market. Be notified when they shop for a mortgage, a new house, get married, or have children. These are the most important times in their lives and the best time for you to be in front of them. Mortgage Insights will put you in the right place, at the right time, with all the right information to retain and grow your network like you’ve never done before.


Stop wasting valuable marketing dollars sending postcards at Christmas. Get notified that your clients are actively looking to purchase, sell, and refinance BEFORE they are too far along with someone else.  



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