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Mortgage Marketing Solutions

Did You Know 80% of Advertising DOES NOT WORK!

The world of mortgage marketing is changing on a regular basis. Advertising as a means to sell a service or product is not as effective as most business owners would think. Even the once very popular advertising mediums such as newspapers and television are losing their effectiveness - especially for mortgage companies. For example, many market research studies have proven that a mere nine percent of television viewers are able to name the brand or product category they saw advertised just a moment before.

A large proportion of business owners, specifically those in the mortgage industry that we talk to are simply not making the amount of money that they should be. They need a mortgage marketing solution that works.

Let's get straight to the point...

There are a lot of mortgage professionals and mortgage companies wasting an enormous amount of time and money buying mortgage leads, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, advertising service, as well as sales leads that aren't working. Chances are they are marketing and advertising in all the wrong places or not utilizing the right mortgage marketing solutions for them. Additionally, many mortgage direct mail companies are utilizing outdated mortgage marketing techniques which are expensive and make it difficult to see a good return on their investment.

Now consider the following:

As a business owner or professional in the realm of the mortgage marketing industry, it is imperative that you stop wasting valuable time and money on unqualified leads and expensive but poor leads lists. You need to focus solely on your best sales leads, such as an exclusive mortgage lead that will get you the sale.

Picture this: What if nearly every prospect that you and your mortgage brokers, loan officers, team members, or agents talked to were not only qualified to buy but were also 100% ready and willing to buy?

Even better: What if you were also able to utilize tested and measured mortgage direct mail marketing pieces that have been proven time and again to produce fantastic results?

It's possible with the professionals at TagQuest by your side.

TagQuest Inc. is a full-service marketing firm creating mortgage marketing solutions specifically for the ever-changing mortgage industry. We've been successful in advertising and marketing with the mortgage industry for almost a decade now and know what it takes to generate quality mortgage leads, lists, and direct mail and, most importantly, how to turn these sales leads into repeat customers.

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