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Promotions and Giveaways

How Can There Be a Party without the Party Favors?

Using promotional "hooks" in Automotive Marketing is not a new concept. While every auto dealer knows they work, the associated expenses with these promotions have continued to be an issue.

Well, with TagQuest Marketing's array of promotional tools, this will no longer be an issue. Our "hooks", if you will, have been used for a select number of our auto dealers with much success.

It is because of this success that we have decided to extend to you our optimal auto marketing leverage and volume pricing to any automotive store that shows interest. These premiums help to increase customer response, initiate customer loyalty, evoke an immediate response with customers, and dramatically increase sales.

Make your event truly stand out with high quality, appealing promotional gifts to initiate an even better response. Not to mention, you will induce the law of reciprocation with your valued customers. Or, you can offer a generous token of appreciation for those who RSVP. With all of this in tow, your next step will be watching those phone lines light up before the event even officially starts!

Our Promotional Tools Work Great in the Following Areas:

  • Test Drives
  • Scheduled Appointments which show
  • Service Issues
  • Referral Programs
  • Aged or Bonus Units

As these are only a few ideas, we encourage you to use your imagination to come up with lots more!

TagQuest Premiums

TagQuest Marketing has some of the most interesting and desirable premiums in the industry, from Gift Cards to Vacation Packages. We offer these premiums to complement an automotive direct mail campaign or to be used on their own.

Either way, TagQuest Marketing has promotional gifts for simply every interest and at every price level... Over 150 promotional gifts are offered, which include gift card certificates, gas rebate certificates, shopping sprees, travel certificates and much MORE.

  • Cash give-a-way insurance up to $50,000.
  • Car give-a-away insurance.
  • Sequential number of driver's license match.
  • Showroom prize board will be provided.
  • 3 day / 2 night vacation voucher give-a-way.
  • Imprinted with dealership information.
  • Recipient pays hotel room tax only.
  • Over 20 destinations to choose from.

These will be links to PDFs: (WHERE ARE THE PDF'S FOR THIS SECTION?)

  • Car and Travel
  • Certificates
  • Collectibles and Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • For the Home
  • Sports and Outdoors

Want to know the best part of using TagQuest Market's promotional and giveaway tools?

Promotional Items Work!  by Wayne Roberts

Promotional items have been used to build goodwill. But the promotional medium has the most impact when it goes beyond passive use, simple distribution, and becomes active. Promotional products should be created and distributed as part of a structured promotion that sets objectives, targets specific audiences, creates a theme and encourages audience response or facilitates sales force follow-ups.

Evidence shows that promotional products work! A recent study by Gould/Pace University in New York indicated that inclusion of a promotional product in a direct mail solicitation generates a greater response. Additionally, dollar purchases from resulting sales are as much as 321% greater than those purchased by direct mail alone! Other research shows that 39% of all persons receiving promotional products could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after receiving the ad centive. Moreover, retention of the promotional items is high. Research by A.C. Nielsen C 0. found that almost 1/3 of all respondents still use an ad specialty one year after receiving it.

Another recent study, sponsored by Specialty Advertising Association International, revealed that nearly 2/3 of the business travelers at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport had at least one ad centive in their possession. More than 3/4 of those travelers could recall the advertiser's name without looking at the article.

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