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Lead Response Tracking

Importance of Tracking

You are likely to come across many auto dealers who always have the same thing to say in regards to their automotive direct mail marketing efforts: "It appears we were busier during the promotion, but we are not really sure exactly where the response came from."

The reason for this response? Automotive companies too often are in a rush to get an auto direct mail campaign out the door, followed by the push to handle response, and neglect to pay attention to tracking.

What these auto dealers do not realize is that tracking the results of your auto direct mail campaign not only reveals your return on investment, but also yields information that can greatly assist with future promotions. The tracking results can tell you which list performs best, which headline or offer worked best, how long each call in response to the ad lasted, did your deal miss any calls, and many other pieces of valuable information.

How Does Tag Quest Marketing Help?

In addition to accurately testing and measuring the calls that our clients receive from their Automotive Direct Mailing Campaign, Tag Quest Marketing also helps clients to systematically test other Key Performance Indicators that are crucial to their businesses' success. Some of those success indicators include:

  • Cost per application
  • Close ratio of individual Salesmen
  • Acquisition Cost (cost per car sold an for each lead source)
  • Average $ in Gross (Associated with each lead source or salesmen)
  • ROI for every marketing campaign

Built-In Features:

  • Easily Pull Up Customer and Prospect Information 
  • Automatic Call-Back Reminders
  • Working Lead List
  • Daily updates on the success of marketing campaigns. The Tag Quest Marketing Call Tracking System™ allows each telephone call to be captured in our online database. Your daily reports will show the phone numbers called from, time call was placed, and the time spent on the call. This enables you to track your response rates and even determine which areas responded best.
  • Also, many of the consumers may call in after your business hours, our research has shown that 17% of the respondents will not leave a voicemail if you are not available. With the Call Tracking System™, this is no longer an issue.
  • Track which geography responds best
  • Integrates With Your Lead Provider
  • Automatic Lead Distribution
  • Lead Security (IP Restrictions)
  • Customizable Features To Suit Your Company Needs
  • Company Branding
  • View Reports On Lead Activity
  • Comprehensive Employee Reporting
  • Evaluate Employee Performance

Interested in a Free System?

You see, it is in Tag Quest Marketing's absolute best interest that our clients understand these numbers so that they continue to see the value of the services that we offer.

As an amicable introduction to our company let us offer you a free system that is able to test and measure the results of your automotive marketing efforts.

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