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Automotive Internet Leads

Quality Auto Internet Leads


TagQuest provides quality auto internet leads for both new and used dealerships. 

Build it and they will come...great marketing plan for a baseball field...bad marketing plan for your website.

Did you know that with at least 80% of car shoppers who do research online, most auto dealerships have STILL not accommodated their advertising budget for optimal auto sales leads online?

There are many "holes" in this area of automotive marketing and lead generation. What are they and what can you do about them?

Let's pose the first "hole" example - a prospective auto customer is searching for you, using one of the three major search engines...but sadly, they cannot find you! They become one of your auto internet leads.

What's even more detrimental? These leads end up on one of your competitor's sites, and thus the valuable auto dealer lead is provided to your competitor across town! This is something that happens every single day.

The second "hole?" A potential auto customer is searching for your brand of cars - either new or used - and your website fails to include hundreds of phrases (key words) that the customer is attempting to try and find these products and services. Now they can't end up at your dealership by becoming a new car lead or a used car lead. 

Not using the proper terms and keywords will prevent these kinds of shoppers from becoming automotive internet leads and venturing to your store!

Another "hole?" A customer looking for your competitor!

Unlike the third party lead generation companies, TagQuest isn't sneaky or try and trick people into becoming auto leads. No giveaways, no co-registration, no teenagers wanting to win that video game. We CAN make sure that anybody looking for your competitor has an opportunity to see you too and possibly become a lead of your own. If they can't, this is the "hole!"

Keep Ahead of Your Competitors

Without a doubt, the Internet Age is causing competition unlike any other. In order to attract quality auto prospects and turn those prospects into quality, auto internet leads you've got to be responsive. It is a fact that ONLY the dealerships that are positioned to instantly respond to their leads will be able to stay ahead of the competition.

As the leading provider of auto internet leads, TagQuest will enable you to keep ahead of your competition, generating real-time leads for both new and used auto dealers. Through our sites, thousands of prospective customers are seeking auto financing. Some leads are credit screened and in the market for buying a car today

These are Real Customers We're Talking About!

  • Leads include a complete credit application with, INCOME, LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT and RESIDENCY HISTORY. A real auto finance lead!
  • These customers have applied for an auto loan and need help with financing.
  • Credit applications come with LEGAL permission to pull the customers' credit before you contact them.

Real Auto Leads, Too!

  • Our EXCLUSIVE leads have not been worked by any other dealers and will be sent to your store only!!!
  • You can protect your territory and secure lead traffic by Zip Code, City, Country, or a Mile Radius around your store.


  • Receive your EXCLUSIVE AUTO LEADS by FAX, EMAIL or right into your Auto Leads Management System within minutes of online application submittal.
  • Take as many leads as your store can handle per day.

No duplicates, no fakes...done deal. Exclusive Real-Time Automotive Leads are the highest quality, rigorously scrubbed, generated from the major search engines, branded websites, organic listings, and select partners and delivered right to your dealership. Only quality leads pass our multi-point Lead Validation TechnologyTM - and that's guaranteed* - if a bad lead survives, we'll pay for it!

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