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Auto Trigger Leads

 Auto Trigger Leads Produce Appointments Set at Your Dealership with Complete Credit Applications! 


- Pre-approved, Exclusive, Local, Customized Auto Leads with High ROI!         

- Only Prospects That Are Ready and Looking To Buy!               

- Prospective Clients Can Easily Apply Online Securely!       

- Auto Trigger Leads Are Customized to Fit Your Financing Qualifications!   

- Instant Alert When Your Past Customers are Shopping for a Car!               

- Live Call Agents Available 24/7 to Take Client's Apps at our Call Center!


Setting Appointments with Credit Qualified Customers

Do you know that 70% of people who walk into an auto dealer, take a test drive, and have their credit pulled in an attempt to buy a car DON’T BUY? These people are in the market NOW and need help finding auto financing. TagQuest uses auto trigger leads to find and contact these people for you, set an appointment at your store, and get authorization to pull their credit BEFORE they get into your dealership.


A “Trigger Lead” is a flag at the credit bureau that someone has had their credit pulled for an auto loan or refinance. Within 24 hours of customers having their credit pulled from a dealer, a bank, or even a website online we send their information to you, send out a letter, and set an appointment for them to come into your store. We even get authorization to pull credit BEFORE the appointment so our automotive dealers can work the deals backward.

TagQuest auto trigger leads are the only automotive leads geared to sell more cars using four proven methods:


Telephone • Direct Mail • Our Online Landing Page • Our Custom CRM


We not only send the auto trigger lead information to our auto dealers. We print the mail, take inbound phone calls, set the appointments, and get authorization to pull credit from the customer. What our auto dealers receive is a lead with a set day and time the customer will be at the dealership with a 5 line credit app so the auto dealer can get to work pre-qualifying customers before the customer even arrives.

Before purchasing, auto trigger leads from TagQuest you will be asked what criteria you need these prospects to match. Because the information comes directly from the credit bureau the dealer can pick the credit filters of each prospect. With TagQuest Auto Trigger Leads you to get to filter for your preferred prospects by their credit criteria! 



Most Popular Credit Bureau Auto Trigger Lead Filters:

  • Geography (zip code + radius, zip code, area code, county, state)
  • Beacon Score range: you pick your niche,
  • Current Loan Amount
  • Original loan amount
  • % paid on a current auto loan (most common is 50%-99% paid)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Estimated Income
  • Revolving Debt
  • Number of Open Trade Lines
  • Debt to income ratio
  • Length of residence
  • Bankruptcy Status (has had a BK, has never had a BK)
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