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Auto Direct Mail

Auto Direct Mail


Generate the response you want using automotive direct mail marketing

While there are some auto direct mailers that will make your phones ring off the hook, there are also unfortunately very many that will leave you wondering if you put the right contact information on there.

Here at TagQuest we utilize a version of our existing auto direct marketing mailers. These automotive mailers are always on the cutting edge of the direct mail marketing industry. Many of our preferred clients are continually investing money to help us test what works and find what doesn't. As a result, the direct mailing automotive campaigns we work with provide impact and are effective in generating the response you want.

We also customize the auto direct mail to include your company's information, the exact offer you are promoting, and all information that is tailored and relevant to your target prospects.

Additional Benefits

  • Our automotive marketing materials can be designed and sent out within 24 hours instead of the typical 5-10 day turnaround time.
  • Our full-service mail house conveniently allows you to have all your marketing needs fulfilled in one place.
  • Our dedicated 24-hour call center agents are specifically trained to convert your responders to credit applications – at no additional cost. And each application is instantly downloaded to your Lead Tracker (lead management) system.

Anything that Needs to Be Printed, TagQuest Print Facility Can Do.


Some examples of what we can do are:

  • 4 color tri-folds
  • Business letters
  • Postcards
  • Greeting card-style with handwritten envelope
  • 11 x 17 tri-fold
  • Saturation newspaper inserts
  • Self mailers with gift cards attached
  • Key mailers
  • And much more!

Let TagQuest manage your automotive direct mail marketing allowing you to focus on what you should be focusing on - managing your business and selling cars!

TagQuest offers Auto Direct mail in all the following states:


·          Alabama ·          Illinois ·          Montana ·          Pennsylvania
·          Alaska ·          Indiana ·          Nebraska ·          Rhode Island
·          Arizona ·          Iowa ·          Nevada ·          South Carolina
·          Arkansas ·          Kansas ·          New Hampshire ·          South Dakota
·          California ·          Kentucky ·          New Jersey ·          Tennessee
·          Colorado ·          Louisiana ·          New Mexico ·          Texas
·          Connecticut ·          Maine ·          New York ·          Utah
·          Delaware ·          Maryland ·          North Carolina ·          Vermont
·          Florida ·          Massachusetts ·          North Dakota ·          Virginia
·          Georgia ·          Michigan ·          Ohio ·          Washington
·          Hawaii ·          Minnesota ·          Oklahoma ·          West Virginia
·          Idaho ·          Mississippi ·          Oregon ·          Wisconsin
·          LeadsMissouri ·          Wyoming





Some Sample Automotive Direct Mail Pieces TagQuest Offers:

  • Credit Mailers
  • Saturation Mail
  • Special Event Mail
  • Sell-Off Mailers
  • Buy Back Mailers
  • Fresh Start Credit Mailers
  • Pre-Discharged Bankruptcy Mailers
  • Discharged Bankruptcy Mailers
  • Tent Sale Mailers
  • Branding Mailers
  • Dealer Database Mailers
  • Service Mailers
  • Year/Make/Model Mailers
  • Active Auto Buyer Mailers
  • Lease Termination Mailers
  • Vehicle Buy Back Mailers

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