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TagQuest Inc - Your Source For New Customers



TagQuest is a full service marketing firm delivering new customers nationwide. Finding new clients and growing a business can be challenging. We unveil the secrets behind acquiring new business. From demographic research and campaign development to budgeting, sales techniques, compliance webinars, tracking systems, and campaign management, we provide one place for ALL your new customer needs. We create custom marketing and advertising campaigns exclusively for each of our clients. Utilizing ALL traditional marketing/advertising methods from direct mail, data lists, exclusive internet leads, and call centers, to radio ads, bill boards, and newspaper ad’s. We also specialize in today's new online marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC, Re-Marketing, AdWords management, and Social Media with our all new Social Media Plugins . TagQuest clients acquire more new customers by utilizing our targeted marketing campaigns and professional services since 2004. Our ability to target and connect you with the most qualified prospects gives you the ability to acquire more new business and most importantly, retain that new business and those new customers for years to come.


TagQuest's unique marketing approach focuses on the specific needs of each of our clients. We do not produce “widgets" for marketing.  We customize each of our campaigns for the specific needs of your business. Our clients dominate their competition by utilizing our extraordinary marketing methods and professional services since 2004. Our data selection capabilities enable demographic research and the deployment of highly targeted direct marketing campaigns that produce qualified prospects and acquire more new business. Most importantly, our tracking systems help retain those customers for years to come. Our speed and versatility allow us to quickly react to the ever changing marketplace delivering more new clients year after year. We are always ahead of industry trends and market shifts with our cutting edge campaigns. Our methods have been tested, proven, and are designed to spark interest and drive consistent measurable results.

TagQuest's marketing products and services are geared toward financial service industries like Mortgage, Automotive, Insurance, Debt, Lending, Lead Generation, Telemarketing, and many more. From start to finish we walk you through the entire sales cycle of your prospects.  Powerful web-based reporting capabilities like ourLeads Tracker®allow our customers to increase control over sales and marketing efforts, increase efficiency and productivity, and gain control over quality lead tracking and account status. Driving sales and marketing productivity further, our solutions allow clients to lower customer acquisition costs and drive new revenue opportunities through superior customer care.TagQuest is well positioned as a leader in the direct marketing, prospect management, and lead generation markets. We strive remain at the top with our "no customer left behind" philosophy.


TagQuest uses a unique “customizing your customer” approach that produces customers that are the most profitable, the easiest to work with, and last the longest. This approach starts with your planned growth. How many new clients would you like to add to your business each month? Do you have the capacity to handle that volume now? Once this is established we dive deeper into the trends of your preferred prospects and what they look like (demographics). TagQuest uses our resources of over 600 national data files to find your specific demographic. This is where your marketing gets an overhaul. You will no longer waste any marketing dollars targeting prospects that don’t need or want your products and services.

Find the people that are already looking for you. Once we find these prospects it’s a matter of putting you in touch with them in easiest way possible. Not every company has the same sales process. This is why we customize our campaigns for each of our clients. Your sales cycle and ability will determine what type of marketing your best suited for. Now that our homework is done, we’ve got our plan, budget, demographic, and best sales cycle established, it’s time to put the rubber to the road. TagQuest offers customized direct marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes to accommodate any business. If you need customers, TagQuest is the one stop shop for all your direct marketing and advertising needs. Customizing your customers is what we do!


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